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VoIP Call Termination


At present our company offers the below-listed services that are all backed up by our qualified personnel and technical facilities.

Carrier Services

Wholesale trade of VoIP services: co-operation based on the purchase and sale of traffic with major telecom companies and national operators. The expertise of our sales managers and the timely technical assistance of the Network Operations Center create a solid ground for a comprehensive mutually beneficial co-operation.

Business Services

The aim of this service is to meet the needs of the companies that bear extra expenses on international calls. The high-quality and stable low-cost connection are the main advantages of this Service. Customers will have an access to their current online balance and Call Detailed Reports and, what is more, will be in due time provided with a technical support. We can also install Office PBX which implies most of the up-to-date ATS services (like IVR, Voicemail, calls diverting to any internal or external number, voice recording and much more).

Residential Services

This Service is targeted at the end users willing to enjoy an accessible and high-quality connection. It is available both by means of calling cards and IP phones.

Software Development

Our experience in the field of telecommunications allows us to claim with confidence that tailor-made programs developed for the particular needs of the particular company are necessary for an appropriate representation of the Company’s activities and maintenance of the quality of the services. For a continual and diversified analysis of the traffic and for a timely adjustment of the business procedures as well as for the monitoring of the Company’s activities in general, our Software Department has made use of all its experience and facilities and has developed a range of programs, every of which tackles an important issue. Hence, we offer this Service to all the interested companies, who are in need of such programs. We are confident that we are able to match your most specific needs and requirements, for we do understand the fine points of the telecom. The application of these tools created by professionals will enable you to increase your performance several times over and achieve the desired results. Should you be interested, contact our specialists and they will be happy to discuss with you all the details of the products you are interested in.